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Sandcastle Workshops

Learn, Connect with Others and Have Fun

The advent of technology has brought lots of changes to our lives.

Nowadays, both adults and kids stay glued to their gadgets and hardly have time to bond and interact. However, you can make life more interesting and engaging for yourself, your kids and family by participating in our top-notch sandcastle workshop at Sandshapers.


















All about it

This is an intriguing and fun-filled sandcastle workshop for both the children and adults. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about making sandcastles while still sharing happy moments with others. Our sandcastle workshop is a dynamic way for people from all walks of life to develop their artistic skills in a natural, relaxed environment that will make every moment worthwhile.

More Details about Our Sandcastle Workshop

To ensure that we provide one-on-one dynamic lessons, we make sure that each group has only a few people. Nevertheless, for people that are looking for unique team-building experiences, we can also arrange larger groups that will bring everybody out of their shells and make them work together in a loving and exciting environment.

Our sandcastle workshops hold on Sunshine beach and run for only 1.5 hours. However, we can also arrange a group workshop for people in other locations. Get in touch with us to discuss the dynamics of your needs and we can work together to create a special workshop that will involve everyone. We can also reschedule our classes based on the needs of the groups.

The workshop costs $45 for each person. This cost covers the one-on-one dynamic training and all materials for learning.

Sandcastle workshops

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